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Xbox General Info

The Microsoft Xbox is the most advanced games console to date. With 4 control ports, built in internet abilities and hard-disc drive to store game data, it has everything you need to enter the gaming world.

The central processor of the Xbox is 733mhz, with the nearest competitor being at 485mhz, this being the Nintendo Gamecube, which leaves the Sony Playstation 2 at a measly 294mhz. That means that the Xbox is over 3 times more powerful than the Playstation 2. Don't get me wrong, I do own a Playstation 2, and play on it quite frequently, but I usually only get Playstation 2 exclusive games for it (Smackdown, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet And Clank, Gran Turismo, etc) and leave the Xbox to the rest.

The Xbox's only downside, that I see is it's size. Compared to the Playstation 2 and especially the Gamecube, it is really huge and you would think that it could have been a lot smaller. But this is not true, because if you ever get to look inside the console, you will see that it is very compacted together, with the main board at the bottom, then the CD/DVD drive on the top left, and the Hard drive being on the top right. Another problem, though not major, is that you have to purchase a dvd remote control to watch dvd films.  This is simply Microsoft trying to scank you out of 30.

The graphics on most of the Xbox games are truly amazing. Check out games like Wwe Raw 2, Halo 1+2, Riddick, and Timesplitters 2, and compare them to anything on any other console and you will instantly know what I mean. Games like Timesplitters 2, look good on the Playstation 2, but look so much better when played on the better system.

Here are several screenshots which show the true graphical power of the Xbox:

Halo 2 for Xbox screenshot 261

Halo 2

Forza Motorsport for Xbox screenshot 36

Forza Motorsport

Doom 3 for Xbox screenshot 22

Doom 3

FlatOut for Xbox screenshot 119


Below you can see 2 pictures of Timesplitters 2. The Xbox version is on the left and the Playstation 2 version is on the right. Compare the graphical quality of the 2 screens to each other, most notably the guns. Enough said.

TimeSplitters 2 for Xbox screenshot 125

TimeSplitters 2 for PlayStation 2 screenshot 127

So you can see why I prefer the Xbox to anything else, not that I don't like playing on other consoles, it's just I can see that the other consoles are not up to the standards of the Xbox.

I suppose you could call me biased, but I'm not. Here is some info to show you why:


733mhz Processor
64Mb Ram
Built In Hard drive (10gb)
Amazing Graphics
Astounding Game play
Built In Internet abilities

Playstation 2

294mhz Processor
32Mb Ram
Memory Card (8mb)
Reasonable Games
Dvd Capabilities
No Internet Modem (This feature not included for the new slime-line version)


485mhz Processor
40Mb Ram
Memory Card (4mb)
Mostly Childish Games (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon)
No Dvd or CD Playback
Very Few Internet games


The Verdict

So when you look at all the stuff I've put together, you can see in many way why the Xbox is the superior console. If you don't mind spending 30 on the dvd playback kit, you've got yourself an amazing bargain purchasing an Xbox. If you want truly breathtaking games combined with the ability to save as much as you want onto the hard drive then look no further.

Xbox Rating: 9.9/10

Playstation 2 Rating: 8/10 - Generally good console let down by poor graphics and only 2 control ports.

Gamecube Rating: 6/10 - Reasonably good graphics are produced this console, but I'm afraid due to the very small range of games with most of them being aimed at children, this console is best left well alone.