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System Of A Down

Here are all the albums I own by System Of A Down:

System Of A Down


System Of A Down (SOAD) are basically a mental band. Very heavy guitars, insane drums, and a vocalist who sounds like he's bin using one to many drugs.....

But don't see these points as bad, quite the opposite in fact, because SOAD are awesome!
The songs can get quite strange sometimes (e.g. Spiders) but SOAD are one of the most essential bands around today so if you like heavy music get this album!

Although its not as good as there second album, SOAD's self titled album is certainly worth a listen.

Rating: 8/10


Wow, what a come back! Toxicity is amazing! I don't know how any heavy metal
fan cannot like this. Every song on here is amazing, no fillers.
The vocals a less freaky this time round and it works a lot better.

The best songs are 'Needles', 'Forest', 'Prison Song', and 'Shimmy'. 

If you liked there debut, then you simply need this, if you didn't like there
debut, you need this too! Its that good!

Rating: 9.7/10