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My Xbox

Although the Xbox is already an amazing console, there are many other things you can do to it to make it so much better. It is called 'Mod chipping.' Now I know what your thinking, but I can tell you that a 'chipped' or 'modified' Xbox is not Illegal. If you choose to play illegal pirated games on your Xbox is is entirely your choosing, I will not endorse or recommend you do it.

How It Works

My Xbox has not been chipped, it has been 'softmodded'. This still works exactly the same as a chipped console, it's just that no chip is installed.

When the Xbox boots up it reads a chip which contains a 'bios' file. When you chip an Xbox a new chip is simply placed over the old one, so instead of reading the original, it reads the new one.

When an Xbox is softmodded, instead of a new chip being installed, the old one is simply formatted and a new bios is installed onto the original chip. Simple, right?

What It Can Do

Here are all the things modifying your Xbox will let you do:

Pretty amazing, eh? Although it can do all this stuff some things, like the programs and emulators need to be downloaded off the Internet. Sorry but I cant tell you where to get them, but they shouldn't be hard to find.

How Can You Get It Done?

Unless you know someone who does them you may have to do-it-yourself. Check out for some useful step-by-step guides to chipping or softmodding your Xbox. It really is that hard to do, but you must understand that you void your warranty once your Xbox is opened up.

Make sure that you have the right equipment, you cant just use a normal screw driver. Check out the above site, I cant remember off-hand what sort you need, but everything you need to know can be found on this site.

So, If you want to take you Xbox to the next level then modifying it is the best thing you can do. As long as you use it legally, there is basically no reason why you shouldn't 'mod-your-box', unless your thinking of selling it in the future, but why would you want to do that???