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Here are all the albums I own by Metallica:

      Ride The Lightning


Metallica's second album, Ride The Lightning, is a big step forwards from 'Kill Em All'. Not that Kill Em All is a bad album, though, as Kill Em All is one of the most successful debuts ever.

In Ride The Lightning James Hetfield's vocals take a big step forwards (although they aren't up to the quality of Master Of Puppets)  along with the over song quality too. The songs are heavier, loader and catchier. Standout tracks are 'Fade To Black', 'Fight Fire With Fire', and 'Creeping Death', but having said that the entire album is a great listen.

If you like fast heavy music then this is your CD, if you don't like fast and heavy music then you should!

Rating: 8.8/10

        Master Of Puppets            The Black Album


One of the defining albums of thrash metal, Master of Puppets is arguably Metallica's best album (as well as their last with bassist Cliff Burton). This album ties in with 'The Black Album' as being the best Metallica album.

Though both albums are quite different (Master Of Puppets being a thrash album and The Black Album being a rock/metal album) there are mixed opinions on which is the best.

In my opinion The Black Album is the better of the 2 as it contains some very cool songs (Enter Sandman, Sad But True and Nothing Else Matters) and is very technical. Master Of Puppets is very hot on its tail, but doesn't contain that technical drive that The Black Album does.

Don't get me wrong, Master Of Puppets is an amazing album. It has some really cool songs (Battery, Master Of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not Be and Orion,) and is fast and slow in all the right places. If you want my opinion, then  get both of these classics as they are both essential purchases.

Listen to The Black Album first, so you get used to Metallica then when you think your ready, play the Master Of Puppets album and get blown away by pure speed!

Master Of Puppets Rating: 9/10            The Black Album Rating: 9.3/10

       St Anger

After a 5 year absence Metallica return with there new album St Anger. But I'm afraid to say that the album is not what was expected. Personally I think it is ok, . but classic Metallica lovers stay well away, a lot has changed.

The thing that die-hard Metallica fans will hate are:

A) Lars Ulrich sounds like he is hitting trash cans instead of drums, &

B) There are no solo's. Yep, you read correct, No Solo's........

On the plus side the songs are really heavy and when played loud can really annoy the neighbours!

If you want some truly amazing Metallica, go for Master Of Puppets, Black Album, Ride The Lightning, or ...And Justice For All. Give this a rental, but don't go out and buy it until you have heard the 'new Metallica'

Rating: 6/10