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Linkin Park

Here are all the albums I own by Linkin Park: 

Hybrid Theory

Wow, what a band. For some reason, many people don't think Linkin Park area a 'proper' metal band. But that's total crap. They are a great band, and I have nothing bad to say about this album. 

Linkin Park where the very first 'band' I liked. Before that I was engulfed with the crap of modern day manufactured music but thanks to these guys I was saved and awoken into the real world of music.

Anyway, the album. There is not a bad song on this cd, apart from the slightly irritating 'By Myself', but I wouldn't say it was a bad song. Linkin Park don't swear and a quite radio friendly so if you like heavy music with a decent vocalist (Chester Bennington lead, Mike Shinoda the rapper) then you should certainly check this band out. Even if you dont like rapping (like me) then you will probably find that Mike is very likable compared to the likes of Eminem and D12.

Rating: 9/10


Linkin Parks second album Meteora. (Actually there second album was called 'Reanimation' but as this album was basically a remix of hybrid theory created by a bunch of smeg head rappers not the band I felt I did not need to include it here.)

This album is similar to hybrid theory in many ways. The songs again contain now swearing, are quite radio friendly and are very good. But the album improves over Hybrid Theory in one way - heaviness. If you checkout songs like 'Hit The Floor' and 'Faint' you will know what I mean. The blistering guitars aside Chester's howling vocals, what an amazing combination. The standout songs are 'Don't Stay' 'Numb' and 'From The Inside.'

Basically, if you took my advice and purchased a copy of Hybrid Theory and liked it, then there is simply no reason why you wont like this. Get it...................NOW!!!

Rating: 9.5/10

Live In Texas

Linkin Park - Live in Texas. This aint really anything new, but a must have for the fans. It contains a mixture of live tracks from both Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Then you get a bonus DVD with loads of live videos. Pretty neat. They are great live.

If you've got both albums and what a complete set this is well worth getting. But if your a first timer, try one of the other albums first so you can get to know the band.

Rating: 8/10