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ill Nino

Here are all the albums I own by Ill Nino:


This album has its ups and downs. While some songs are really amazing, some are really terrible, and it really lets it down. The album is for people who like heavy riffs with melodic vocals. 

So if you are into KoRn, Linkin Park, Sepultura, you will probably like them. 

The standout tracks are 'God Save Us', 'Unreal' and '"What Comes Around.' But saying this most of the songs are a waste of time and money.

Rating: 5/10


Wow! What an improvement! Confession, Ill Nino's follow up album to Revolution/Revolucion improves on it in nearly every way. While keeping the heaviness and melodic vocals, it also keeps the amount of good songs high as well. Tracks such as 'How Can I Live', 'Unframed', and 'All The Right Words' just never get boring! 

If you did enjoy there previous effort then you should certainly try this album, its so much better! And, if you don't like Ill Nino at all why are you even on this page???

Rating: 8.5/10