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Here you'll find all the albums I own by Hatebreed:


Whoever recommended Hatebreed to you is a wise person with a great sense for absolutely brilliant metal music. Perseverance is an album which after listening to all the way through will leave you stunned. The album will finish and you will look at your Hatebreed box and think "Holy S***". 

What lies within this CD is brutal metal which will make your blood pump faster and your heart beat quicker. If you like Pantera, Damageplan, Soulfly, etc then this band and album is defiantly for you. 


Rise Of Brutality

Love them or Hate them, there is no denying the awesome force of Hatebreed. Place 'Perseverance', the new album's predecessor, in your CD player and don't be surprised if you're head banging within 30 seconds. Flick on 'The Rise Of Brutality' and you'll be starting a pit in your own house.

Hatebreed are that extreme, no doubt about that. If you dig there previous album then you will love this too. If you didn't like there previous album then why are you reading this?

Rating: 9/10