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Here you'll find all the albums I own by Evanescence:


Well, when I heard the bands first single, 'Bring Me To Life' I was thinking to myself 'they are a 1 hit wonder band.' But then I heard there second single 'Going Under' n so then I decided to check out there album. 

For fans of melodic music this a must, but I'm afraid it doesn't quite hit the spot for me. The first 4 tracks are really good, but then the remainder of the album is quite samey in places, and the band are way to commercial. 

There is no point purchasing this just for the first 4 tracks, u may as well buy the singles, they are worth more value than this. Hopefully the upcoming second album will be a lot better than this, it come out in the UK on November 22nd 04.

Rating: 4/10