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Rock Central

About Me

On this page you can find out everything you need to know about the guy who made this crappy little site. (if you don't think my site is crap and like it please don't hesitate to let me know)


A little about me

My name is Scott Martin and I live n Ripley, England. My main interests are music, comedy, girls, computer games, and just having fun. I love rock music but I think there is at least 1 song out of most music genres that I at least think is ok.

The things I don't like are rap, trance, and chav's. Especially chav's.

Main Things

Bands: Metallica, Pantera, Damageplan, Slipknot
Films: Back to the future 1 - 3, any horror
TV Shows: Red dwarf, Only fools and horses, Black adder, Bo selecta
Games: GTA 3 + Vice City (San andreas sucks), any FPS's,
Food: McDonalds, Curry, Pot Noodle
Console: Xbox
Albums: Black Album (Metallica), New Found Power (Damageplan), Stone Sour (Stone Sour)
Animal: Monkey
Pass time: Surfing Internet


                              Here's an old pic of me.